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Nicolas Cornejo:

Vineyard Supervisor

Nicolas is a master of supervision, training and overall organization of vineyard operations.  His accessibility to clients is paired with a deep understanding of successful grape growing.  Originally from the state of Michoacan, Mexico, Nicolas began working with John at Preston Vineyards in 1989.  When John saw the opportunity to start CVM, he did so with the confidence that Nicolas would be the perfect addition to the core team.  His intense drive and attention to detail consistently keeps him at the top of the vineyard management field.


James King: Viticuluralist

James is a Sonoma County Native and a 2001 graduate of the Fresno State Viticulture program.  His diverse skill set includes an aptitude for all things mechanical and technical.  His careful organization of vineyard inputs of irrigation, fertilizer and pesticides are performed with an eye towards sustainability.  His viticultural expertise is crucial to our farming approach and many clients depend fully on his grapegrowing advice.


Sirilo Cornejo:

Assistant Foreman/Harvest Coordinator

Sirilo has been accompanying his father, Nicolas into the vineyard since he was a young boy.  Weekends were spent learning to leaf, prune and sucker grapevines.   From an early age, Sirilo knew he would follow in his father’s agricultural footsteps.

Building on this background, Sirilo began to learn the science and business of grapegrowing.

He started interning under CVM viticulturist James King in 2007 and attended UC Davis, studying Viticulture/Enology and Soil Science.

While most of his classmates at Davis dreamt of becoming winemakers, Sirilo was clear that growing premium winegrapes was the goal.

The 2013 harvest marked Sirilo’s first season with Clendenen Vineyard Management.

Combining the hands-on techniques imparted from his father with a solid educational background has elevated Sirilo’s approach to farming grapes.

This blend of tradition and technology has helped Sirilo manage the complex operations of a vineyard management company from harvest to harvest.

In addition to this extensive field experience, Sirilo’s organizational expertise and close attention to client needs and requests make him an integral member of the CVM team.




Rogelio Guerrero: Equipment Foreman

A native of Michoacan, Mexico, Rogelio started with CVM as a tractor driver in 1995.  He has since become a skilled mechanic and troubleshooter, supervising the company’s equipment and it’s operators.  Also an accomplished welder and fabricator, Rogelio provides a wealth of experience when solving our clients mechanical needs.



Taylor Vadon: Vineyard Development Supervisor

Taylor brings a wide variety of agricultural and project management experience to his role at CVM.  He hails from a Mendocino County ranching family and has been involved in agriculture from the beginning.  After high school, Taylor worked as a heavy equipment operator for 4 years before attending Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo and obtaining a degree in Crop Science.  His career has included managing lemon groves, working in seed production as an Agronomist and managing construction projects.

Taylor’s approach to viticulture is rooted in his varied experience and he recognizes that each new project has its own requirements and needs.  Effective communication comes naturally for Taylor and he focuses on making sure client expectations are met and exceeded.    “Go with your gut, but do your research.”, says Taylor.  “Each of these vineyards is its own animal.”





John and Kathy Clendenen: Founders

In 1992, Kathy and John Clendenen founded Clendenen Vineyard Management.  Both had been brought up in longtime Northern California farming families and they continued the tradition by creating a business that looked to the future and honored their agricultural roots.  They combined responsible and effective farming techniques with a focus on communication and client satisfaction.  With these values as a base, Kathy and John assembled a team of highly motivated and skilled individuals who excelled in the field of viticulture.  The formula worked and CVM became one of the leading vineyard management companies in the area, renowned for both quality farming and sensitivity to client needs.

Kathy and John elected to retire from the company they created at the end of 2016.  The first CVM employee, Nicolas Cornejo purchased the company and continues to operate it with the assistance of his son Sirilo.  Kathy and John now take care of their own vineyard and pursue their interests in music, outdoor recreation and their grandchildren.


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